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Innovation Summit  , Frankfurt

Innovation Summit, Frankfurt

Looking for a compelling and impactful speaker who gets a room bubbling with ideas? The Avant-Guide Institute's exclusive roster of professional speakers can turn any conference or business meeting into an outstanding event.

We work with consumer oriented businesses, destinations and associations across a diverse range of industries. From consumer goods and technology, to healthcare, tourism, food and entertainment, our presenters make conferences buzz with innovation, inspiration and profit-making ideas that can immediately be put to use. 



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Daniel Levine: trends expert and keynote speaker

Daniel Levine: trends expert and keynote speaker

Daniel Levine, the director of the Avant-Guide Institute, is the world’s best known trends expert. A trends marketing visionary, Daniel is a professional keynote speaker with over 10 years’ experience delivering compelling presentations worldwide.

"Levine is the ultimate guru of cool.... He has a remarkable ability to distill trends to their essence and articulate them in a way we can all benefit from."


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