Meet the Trendsformers™

Utilize our large proprietary network of influential Trendsformers™ to increase sales and awareness, create brand advocates, build valued relationships, and field-test products, ideas and initiatives.

Benefit from the power of thousands of well connected individuals who are passionate about innovative products and experiences and who enjoy sharing their discoveries with others. 

Exclusive proprietary network

AGI network of influential Trendsformers™

AGI network of influential Trendsformers™

The Avant-Guide Institute supports a large proprietary network of influential Trendsformers™: thousands of trend-obsessed connectors who are passionate about consuming and communicating the latest products, ideas and experiences.

By focusing on key individuals rather than markets as a whole, we help companies selectively seed products, services and ideas into otherwise hard-to-reach markets.

Use our Trendsformers™ to test marketing strategies, gain valuable feedback on new offerings, and target influential individuals who inspire a vast numbers of potential buyers.

Trendsformers™ are natural influencers

Trendsformers™ are natural influencers

Social intelligence

Our extensively profiled group of Trendsformers™ are both influencers of third parties and potential buyers themselves. They are well-connected, have large social networks and are looked up to and trusted by their peers. As early adopters who enjoy sharing their discoveries with others, our Trendsformers™ are natural influencers at the hub of their own social networks. They include bloggers, academics, industry analysts and professional advisors, all of whom have outsized power to persuade and inspire others.


Want to see some of our Trendsformers™ latest global finds? Visit, the official trend watching site of the Avant-Guide Institute where you'll find the newest ideas, products and experiences for insight and inspiration.